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i2factory was built to disrupt the way to integrate applications, systems and social media

The traditional model for integration is no longer valid, due to complexity, cost and the required effort to develop the integrations.

Moreover, this complexity does not end when development is completed and the integration is deployed in production, but this is usually the moment where more problems arise.

After years of work and investigation in universities in Spain & Brazil, we have provided the market with a disruptive integration platform both from the technical point of view and the business model.

Our objective

Our objective is to make integration more than a technical problem or complexity that has to be fixed, a catalyser that allows organisations to link functionalities between different systems and platforms as they like it when they like it. And once systems are integrated, have the capabilities to constantly increment and improve these integrations adapting to the business needs.

Innovation not only comes by replacing systems with a brand new platform, but empowering the existing systems, both internal and external to the enterprise. Good integration, like a good orchestra conductor, makes different players coordinate in a view that all together are much more than their individual contribution.



From the very first moment we have considered indispensable that i2factory is very easy to be used so as to extend the capability of getting the benefit of integration of systems and applications without limitation on the technical knowledge.

We use connector the the APIs of several applications, that can be linked in a graphical user interface that takes only several hours to learn how to use it. And if the system does not have an API we can provide other mechanisms to build the connector to the rest of the applications in the ecosystem.

We have taken a step further in simplifying integration by introducing templates that allows to deploy powerful integration flows between different systems and platforms in question of minutes.


Integrations are defined between systems belonging to the same company, or different companies or organisations. With no limits. This way, every organisation can focus in their core business and can generate powerful collaborations in question of minutes without the need of technical knowledge. Digital transformation shouldn’t be complex or require a complete overhaul of the system. There is a different way through smart integration in which every step in the journey is founded in the previous one.


We are constantly adding new functionalities and applications so as to provide our customers with the possibility to enjoy all the power of the new systems and services that are coming to the market. Natural Language, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Digital Marketing, … everything can be used to innovate.

The introduction of new channels is as simple as connecting them to the existing processes. And validate and empower what works. And modify and evolve whatever is not working.


We made integration the element that activates the assets of enterprises and organisations. Connecting different systems and platforms for them to share information in real time, the company is aimed to action.

Integration is not only to collect information, but to trigger relevant actions as soon as events that would need this action happen. Do not have customers awaiting for a technology that is not suited to the real needs of today´s business.