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Conector de aplicaciones

i2factory has currently a comprehensive catalogue of connectors to the main standard protocols and many systems and applications. These connectors have been design in a very specific way to each application, adapting to the specific characteristics of each one of them and making use of existing technologies in each case to optimise performance.

But at the same time, a connector developed for a specific integration application is completely reusable. You can simply configure the usage parameters for the specifics of the integration solution and ready!

The development of these connectors can be done with low effort by using templates and automation tools in a way that integration of new applications in the platform can be done in a very agile, swift and flexible way, keeping pace with the evolution in the market.

are you missing the connector that you need?

i2factory development team and partners are constantly providing new connectors. If the one that you are looking for is not in this list is feasible that is being developed right now or included in our roadmap.

You can reach us out through our support portal to request the status of a specific connector.

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