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H2020 Collaboration Request

What do you get?

There are several ways that you can collaborate with us:

  • By participating in surveys. We will share the summary of the survey so you can compare with peers on the subject.
  • By being part of a more detailed analysis on your integration needs and the best way to simplify it. 100% discount for the first 3 months, and 50% discount for 12 months on the usage of the platform.
  • By running a pilot on integration and Smart Contract. The scope of this collaboration is to participate in real scenarios of integration of Smart Contracts with business platforms

SME Instrument program

i2factory has been selected for a Phase 1 Horizon 2020 European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

We are looking for additional companies and institutions to extend our analysis. Please share your contact details in the form and we will include you in the analysis.

The scope of this project is:

  1. How to include new APIs automatically in i2factory
  2. How to integrate traditional systems with Smart Contract
  3. How to automate the integration between systems.
  4. How to use APIs to manage i2factory from other systems.

Your participation will help us to collect information on your needs and work on improving our integration platform to fulfill your current and future needs.