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Innovacion por integracion

Innovation by integration

The cases that we have shown in the previous sections are only the starting point.
Innovation comes not only from the selection of new platforms or enhancement of existing systems but from the way that these systems interact between them.

And the real value comes from the interaction with social media and new digital services that are available today.

Innovación por integración

With i2factory, innovation is the new normal. Without requiring big system replacements or investments we can leverage your existing infrastructure by integrating with innovative solutions



Integration as a Service. With a monthly fee and without investment we take charge of all the integration.



i2factory monitors the status of the integration ensuring that information flows without interruption.



Flexible integration that evolves as your needs evolve. Innovation should not wait for technology.



i2factory technology uses secured channels of information with enterprise grade scalability.

Continuous innovation

i2factory allows to define new, innovative integrations by combining systems, applications and social media in completely new ways:

•Use Artificial intelligence to automate interaction with customers.
•Generate automatically content suited for different platforms.
•Accept Purchase orders from Tweets.
•Trigger real-time actions on the outcome of big data.
•Integrate with sensors, actuators and platforms to trigger actions to explote the Internet of Things Potential. You can use a button to request an order to be delivered at your place.
•Generate handwritten letters to your customers

All this innovation can be achieved by the smart integration of new platforms with existing systems

We can help

If you want to reach all the potential of innovation by integrating new solutions and systems, you can reach us out in this link describing your need:

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