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Partners de Integracion

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Partners de Integracion
Adapted to your customers

Adapted to your customers

As an integration partner you will have the knowledge to implement integration solutions tailored to your customer´s needs very easily. By using i2factory the integration between applications is no longer a problem and becomes and opportunity for offering new services.

Be up to date

Be up to date

i2factory allows you to be up to date as new connectors and functionality is being added to the platform. These new connectors and services can be added to your integration solutions in question of minutes, without having to stoop the previous integration solution.

Benefits and process to become an integration partner


i2factory partners can enrich their portfolio of services, by providing a powerful and simple innovation platform to your customers.The main advantages for partners are:

  • Less time required completing the integration solutions, moving from months to days.
  • Less cost, being able to build a more competitive offer.
  • New integration services, adding social media, SaaS platforms, CRM, ERP, Digital Marketing, Natural Language and all the new services that we will be adding to the platform.
  • Continuous innovation allowing you to provide new services to your existing customers.
  • Additional revenue, 20% of subscription for the first year, and 10% subsequently.

The process

The process to become a partner is very easy:

  1. Request to become an i2factory partner by filling up this form:

 Partner Request

  1. One of our partner management representatives will contact you to guide you through the process.
  2. Attend online training for three courses (next intake in March):
    1. Template management.
    2. Integration solutions development.
    3. Connector development.
  3. Become a certified partner.
  4. Get access to partner private area.
  5. Start receiving and registering leads.

You will be ready to support your customers with new integration scenarios!