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soluciones de integración

unlimited solutions for all your business areas

In this page, we share some use cases, but the potential of integration with i2factory is unlimited.
Integrate social media, applications with partners, customers, users, citizens in a simple and flexible way.

eCommerce.jpgeCommerce Solutions

With i2factory you don´t need to change your systems to develop all the potential of your eCommerce channel:

  • Integrate your eShop (Prestashop, Magento,...) with your management system (Sage, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP) to replicate products, customers and orders between them.
  • Publish new offers and products in automated way on your social network from your eShop.
  • Provide an automated discount to those customers that support you in social media.
  • Schedule and execute an automated campaign to provide discount in a set and products integrated with your email campaign system without effort.
  • Automate and simplify data migration while changing your systems.

In the next page we show how i2factory empowers your eCommerce channel

DigitalMarketing.pngDigital Marketing

Digital marketing set of tools provide a full range of tools and techniques covering all the interactions with current customers. The full potential can be achieved by integrating the information generated and collected by them:

  • Lead generation & management to CRM
  • Social media interaction with Artificial Intelligence
  • Multichannel activities consolidated in a streamlined way
  • Automated triggering of actions from Big Data analysis
  • Campaign automation.

In the next link we show you how to integrate your digital marketing  solutions digital marketing solutions

API_exposure.pngAPI empowerment

 If you have started the journey to provide new services you will have realized that providing a complete and powerful set of APIs is only halfway to leveraging the whole power. You need third party partners at the other side that have the capabilities to leverage these APIs. I2factory is the solution to complete the empowerment of this integration:

  • Preparing templates that your partners can use in minutes to leverage your APIs.
  • For those that require more complex integration, they can start with the template and work their own solution.
In the next link we show you how to empower your APIs


Financial Systems

All the innovations provided by FinTec require integration with existing systems and processes. I2factory is the tool to seamlessly integrate new FinTec solutions with the existing systems to allow a gradual transition to the new models. Examples of this integration are:

•Payment systems with ERP or Point of Sales
•Automation of processes with financial entities
•Social media empowered Fin Tec

In the next link we show you the use cases for Financial Systems

Customer_Experience.pngCustomer Experience

Customers can choose the way of interaction with companies and organizations, demanding efficient service adapted to their needs. Current approaches to customer experience rely on platforms that serve a channel or set of steps without reaping the 360 customer experience demanded today. I2factory is the enabler of true integrated customer experience by:

•Integrating multichannel information with other platforms: CRM, ERP
•Automating customer service interactions with the help of Natural Language platforms.
•Adapting a proactive customer experience by adding loyalty, voucher, omni-channel, capabilities without requiring investments in a whole set of new platforms, but adding piece by piece the required elements.

HR_systems.pngHR Systems

i2factory can support your organization in automating and leveraging HR platforms by:

•Activating new employees in the companies on-premise and cloud systems in an automated way by the profile selected by the company.
•Deactivating their profiles as soon as they leave the organization.
•Integrate talent management solutions with salary management systems.
•Integrate benefit management with the rest of HR systems to automate and reduce mistakes in their execution. This integration can easily be extended to third party entities that provide these benefits.

Internal_systems.pngInternal Systems

There are still integrations that can be applied to internal systems (be it cloud or on-premise) that are not tackled due to the effort to develop and monitor the required integrations. I2factory simplifies these process by:

•Using standard connectors and templates
•Providing the platform to complete the integration in days instead of months.
•Monitor and centralize the status of the integrations.
•Examples are: Create trouble tickets from emails, file transfer between cloud platforms, migration of platforms, internal communications

Innovation.pngInnovation by Integration

i2factory allow to define new, innovative integrations by combining systems, applications and social media in completely new ways:

•Use Artificial intelligence to automate interaction with customers.
•Generate automatically content suited for different platforms.
•Accept Purchase orders from Tweets.
•Trigger real-time actions on the outcome of big data.
•Integrate with sensors, actuators and platforms to trigger actions to exploit the Internet of Things Potential. You can use a button to request an order to be delivered at your place.
•Generate handwritten letters to your customers
All this innovation can be achieved by the smart integration of new platforms with existing systems


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