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Standard Packages

These prices are for integration partners, ISV and SaaS providers that have more than one customer using i2factory

If you are trying to find prices for a standalone integration, please go to Predefined Solutions page


750 €/month

from 75€ per integration

Best option for those starting

1 templates

Up to 10 end-customers

50,000 transactions/month

Basic Support 



1,450 €/month

from 29€ per integration

Free the potential of your business

3 templates

Up to  50 end-customers

500,000 transactions/month

Professional Support



2,500 €/month

from 25€ per integration

Extend your integration capabilities

5 templates

Up to 100 end-customers

2,000,000 transactions/month

Enterprise Support


Frequently Asked Questions

What´s included in the Service?

The service includes the execution of the integration solution in a secured environment, monitoring and access to the graphical user interface to define integration solutions.

What is a template?

A template is a solution that is used by several customers. The execution is completely isolated as each execution for each customer is using a different environment with its own credentials. 

What is an integration?

An integration is an end to end integration flow executed by a company or entity using an i2factory. This company is what we call a customer, that can have as many customers and users on their systems as they want.

What happens if I have more transactions?

The number of transactions is the performance level assured for the platform. If there are more transactions the performance can be affected but there are no extra charges

What is the description of the support levels?

  • Basic: Email support
  • Professional: Email and chat support
  • Enterprise: Email, chat and phone support with assigned account manager assigned. 

Why the price changes with the number of end-customers by template?

The more clients using the same template, less effort is required on our side to provide the requried support.


Do you need a tailored package?

i2factory is the scalable iPaaS platform better suited to your needs at any moment. Share with us your needs and we will design a pricing package adapted to your needs..