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Integracion de Aplicaciones

Internal systems integration

Modern companies and organisations have a full set of programs and platforms, both in the cloud and on-premise.
There is a huge amount of process improvement and savings through integration between these systems to enable better service, reduce errors, increase speed and automate repetitive processes.
This pool of improvements are awaiting an efficient integration method that allows to integrate systems easily with all the control and security demanded.

Integración de aplicaciones

With i2factory, integration between systems and processes is no longer a headache but an opportunity to develop all the potential



Integration as a Service. With a monthly fee and without investment we take charge of all the integration.



i2factory monitors the status of the integration ensuring that information flows without interruption.



Flexible integration that evolves as your needs evolve. Innovation should not wait for technology.


i2factory technology uses secured channels of information with enterprise grade scalability.

Innovation and efficiency by integration

There are still integrations that can be applied to internal systems (be it cloud or on-premise) that are not tackled due to the effort to develop and monitor the required integrations. I2factory simplifies these process by:

•Using standard connectors and templates
•Providing the platform to complete the integration in days instead of months.
•Monitor and centralize the status of the integrations.
•Examples are: Create trouble tickets from emails, file transfer between cloud platforms, migration of platforms, internal communications

We can help

If you want to reach all the potential of efficiency and innovation in the integration of internal systems, you can reach us out in this link describing your need:

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