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integracion de sistemas

connect the world

i2factory is the integration platform (iPaaS) more flexible and agile. With i2factory your customers will be satisfied and your business safe.



Reduce your time to market and minimize risks associated with innovation with a realtime & agile integration platform. From idea to execution in minutes.

Proveedores SaaS

SaaS providers

Leverage the potential of your SaaS offering providing integration capabilities easy to implement. Multiply the possibilites with i2factory.

Partner de Integracion

integration partner

Empower your customres integrating their applications and social media. Define new business processes without technological limits.


The way to transform your business with



why i2factory?

Powerful integration

Powerful integration

Integrate social media, SaaS applications and on-premise systems, in a simple and safe way

Easy to use

Easy to use

i2factory graphical user interface is so easy to use that you can define complex integration flows by drag and drop without coding.

Safe and robust

Safe and robust

Integration solutions are run within a secured environment, with constant monitoring and automated alerts.

Integration experts

Integration experts

Our team is constantly developing new connectors for SaaS applications, social media and enterprise systems, so you can focus on your business.

Active monitoring

Active monitoring

Integration is constantly monitored providing usage statistics, avoiding incidents and ensuring that end to end integration is working properly.

Monthly fee

Monthly fee

i2factory does not require initial investment. Our customers pay a monthly subscription fee related to their integration needs.

we know what we do

At i2factory we are constantly tracking best practices and latest news in integration and innovation, and we want to share them with you.
Orquestar procesos de negocio en cloud

Orchestrate business processes in the cloud

A cloud process orchestrator is a software tool that allows managing interactions and connections between different functional units acting as a central point of control of the overall process.

Nuevo conector a Sage One

New connector to Sage One

At i2factory we are constantly working to add more connectors to the platform. One of the latest connectors that we have added is Sage One. Sage One has a well-documented api with lots of functions available, and we share here some of the more relevant examples.

Análisis de Sentimiento

Sentiment analysis

We are tracking all the possibilities that natural language processing brings so as to provide better service to customers, or even define innovative solutions.


Use cases with i2factory

We have worked very hard to provide an integration platform that can disrupt the way to integrate applications and systems with huge reduction in cost and time that can reach 60-70% compared to other approaches.

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